ITS nationals

ITS nationals


Network of National ITS Associations is a grouping of national ITS interests formed in order to ensure that ITS knowledge and information is transmitted to all actors at the local and national level - such as small and medium sized companies - and support ITS promotion from the ground up. It was officially launched 7 October 2004 in London.


The Vision of the Network is to be the most respected voice and point of contact for ITS interests in the European Union.


The objectives of the Network are to:

  • Share information about national ITS activities and strategies,
  • Mutual inspiration,
  • Raise awareness of common ITS interests within the European Union,
  • Support co-operation and projects across EU Member States.


The Network currently consists of 25 member organisations. Chairmanship of the Network rotates between members, and it is currently chaired by Mr. Roman Srp. The Network Secretariat is at ERTICO - ITS Europe.
Slo Eng