Mission of the Slovenian ITS association

The role of transport is growing rapidly. In the development of fast, safe, reliable, efficient and economical transportation systems, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) play an increasingly important role. Slovenia has long ago discovered the potential of the ITS with several research and development projects done so far, as well as real implementations on field. International Symposium on Electronics in Transport ISEP, gathering best practice examples, was held in Ljubljana every year since 2003.


Interdisciplinary work in these days requires the interconnection of knowledge, human and material resources. In modern society, it is important to act as an organized group. All this has prompted the establishment of the Slovenian ITS association (S-ITS).


The mission of the Slovenian ITS association is:

  • To work in the public domain as a professional organization dedicated to promoting the use of modern techniques and technologies for the benefit of all users of transport,
  • To form a group of experts allowing exchange of ideas and information at:
  • establishing a peer review, investigating and solving the problems,
  • promoting harmonized development of Intelligent Transport Systems,
  • standardization and preparation of legislation,
  • establishing a national strategy on Intelligent Transport Systems.
  • Continuous professional education of members, promoting ITS branch and providing the information to general public,
  • Participation in European research projects and promoting synergy at national and international level,
  • Organizing and conducting scientific and professional congresses, seminars, conferences and symposiums,
  • Taking care for the overall progress and growth of students education and technical engineering staff,
  • Acting as civil society and non-political organization.
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